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Never Stop Learning

Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching makes it part of her policy and business culture that she never stops learning. Clinically sound therapeutic innovations are added to the paradigms offered to her clients as they become available if they are consistent with her understanding of and expertise in clinical practice.

Most of life is spent on the path not at a destination

Shannon supports her clients in their own learning journeys to understanding themselves, their partners, their professions, their parenting . . . their purpose.

Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching offers therapeutic intervention that is clinically sound, ethical and effective if consistently utilized and practiced.

Faith based services are available to those wishing to add this dimension to their therapeutic journey.

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3 stars of excellence

A Tradition of Pride and Excellence

Shannon believes in challenging herself and those she assists to be the best person/partner/parent/professional possible. Her business is her livelihood but it is also so much more. Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching began as a dream to provide therapy services with a faith based alternative and as a therapeutic partnership which the people of Port St. Joe can place their trust in. Over the years she has never lost her commitment to her clients. She stands committed to her purpose as she stands committed to the people of Port St. Joe.

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