Stress Management

Shannon Wood Williams LMFT Inc; Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching offer Stress and Anger Management Services. These services are designed for use with both coaching clients who are in need of assistance with day to day life experiences and events as well as for counseling/therapy clients who are in need of therapeutic intervention with a deeper focus.

The emotion process of dealing with day to day life or with trauma and lifelong issues is very difficult. The fast paced society we live in, where the lights never go out and business/living are a global experience, can be a major stressor for individuals, couples and families. Living in these days and times requires great emotional resilience and emotional intelligence. Shannon Wood Williams, LMFT Inc ; Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching assists clients in developing solutions to these real life every day issues.

Stress Management involves a catalogue of habits, rituals values, beliefs, ideas, self-rewards and behaviors which can get you through difficult times. Learn deep breathing, relaxation, cognitive reframing, relinquishing ruminating thoughts, mindfulness, diffusing negatives, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation in therapy with Shannon Wood Williams, LMFT, Inc; Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching. These skills are the cornerstones of positive stress and anger management.

A few thoughts on the matter of getting through stressful times:

Don’t try to give up unhealthy habits completely as this may create further stress. Minimize unhealthy life choices and avoid indulging to excess until the stress diminishes; then you can decide whether or not you wish to continue the practice. If you are an addict and this has created or contributed to the stressful event in your life, consider rehabilitation and recovery groups to assist you in your therapeutic journey. Counseling at Affirming Life Counseling can assist in these processes.

Hold onto old friends. Identify good positive relationships and make efforts to stay in contact with these people throughout the stressful events; cherish these friendships and allow these people to be emotional supports, sounding boards and companions. Grieving the endings of old relationships or celebrating the beginnings of new relationships can create transitional stresses. Both of these life changes offer the opportunity to redefine goals and connections which can be aided by the therapeutic support offered at Affirming Life Counseling and Coaching.

Do something different, try something new, do the next right thing. All of these offer balance in life when we are in transition or under stress. Shannon Wood Williams, LMFT can offer further suggestions for getting your life back on track.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal or regain confidence; time is imperative to incorporating the changes occurring in your life. Take time for yourself and give yourself permission to find the person you are meant to be. Self-care is a cornerstone in stress management and Shannon Wood Williams, LMFT can provide guidance in this endeavor.

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